Giant King Prawns Thailand Street Food

Giant King Prawns Thailand Street Food Order this Image for Just $1

There are Few things in the world as beautiful as Giant King Prawns the size of lobsters. (only a slight exaggeration) Udon Thani is a vibrant city in the far northeast of Thailand and is probably an unlikely place to find succulent jumbo freshwater river prawns as tasty as I have ever tasted. Order Giant King prawns Image Just $1

Udon Thani – A Mind-Blowing Delicious Meal.

I’ve been to Udon Thani a good few years back and to be honest, I was taken back just how vast the city has expanded. SoI was absolutely delighted to see an array of new eateries and street markets. I decided to eat at a local street vendor stall just down the road from the sleepy railway station. I ordered a full kilo of live freshwater prawns and waited eagerly as the prawns were roasted over an open charcoal grill.

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