Thai Fruit From Thailand Images

Welcome to Thai Fruit and Fruit from Thailand images. The fresh fruits of Thailand are by far the most delicious and healthy Thai food I have ever indulge in during my stay in the country.

It’s, no secret that whatever country in the world you visit, you will always be able to buy fresh quality produce at the local street markets. And if you are looking for a challenge, you can even haggle for the best price possible.

If you fancy local fresh fruit then you really don’t have to walk too far from where you are staying. The city streets of Thailand are awash with street traders selling everything from trinkets, clothing, and street food, fruit, and vegetables.

One of the most scrumptious fruits from Thailand is the Mango. Sweet, with a slightly sour in taste, aromatic and refreshing. Thailand offers many serving variations, whole, ripe, unripe, sliced and served with sweetened sticky rice.

Mango fruit has surprising traits. It improves digestion, clears the skin, lowers cholesterol, and even prevents cancer. The Mango season in Thailand: March through to June. but, you can buy them throughout the year.

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