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There are Few things in the world as beautiful as Giant King Prawns the size of lobsters. (only a slight exaggeration) Udon Thani is a vibrant city in the far northeast of Thailand.

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Udon Thani – A Mind-Blowing Delicious Meal.

The last occasion I visited Udon Thani was a good few years back and to be honest, It surprised me somewhat, how vast the city has expanded. With the onset of the sound of hunger rumbling from my ample stomach, I set off exploring the array of new street markets and restaurants.

I ate at a local fish vendor stall not too far from the sleepy railway station. I ordered a full kilo of live freshwater prawns and waited as the prawns roasted over an open charcoal grill.

The prawns arrived with a spicy sweet sticky sauce and lime wedges. Cooked to perfection. Whilst enjoying my lunch it crossed my mind that “Udon Thani was an unlikely place to find succulent jumbo freshwater river prawns, as tasty as I have ever tasted.” Order Giant King prawns Image Just $1

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